1. Once cooked, tapioca pearls are to be consumed within 2 hours for the freshest taste and best texture.

2. For cold drinks, it is better to prepare the tapioca slightly differently: 10 minutes of full power boiling and then 10 minutes of slow cooking with a covered lid.

Cooking Method

1) Place tea bag into a cup, pour in about 100mL of freshly drawn water which has been boiled to 90° C. Let the tea infuse for few minutes

2) Prepare the WFY tapioca pearls according to the given instructions; 50g (60 units of pearls approx.) is needed for a cup. Once it is ready, stir hint of sugar into the tapioca for flavouring.

3) Remove the tea bag, pour in about 60mL of fresh milk into the tea and stir until both are mixed evenly

4) Add sugar according to taste

5) Add in the cooked tapioca, ready to serve.